Tuesday, June 5, 2012

He knows us perfectly

As I was reflecting today, I was sent this prayer:

Saint Theresa's Prayer

May today there be peace within.
May you trust God that you are exactly where you are meant to be.
May you not forget the infinite possibilities that are born of faith.
May you use those gifts that you have received, and pass on the love that has been given to you.
May you be content knowing you are a child of God.
Let this presence settle into your bones, and allow your soul the freedom to sing, dance, praise and love.
It is there for each and every one of us..

I am comforted by the Comforter. He heals us, and I trust He is at work for those children! Amidst the heart pain of today (and that knot that still will not go away in my throat), I do have some amazing praise to share though! I added 2 precious young men to my African family!  The holy spirit has been nudging me and He has been creating opportunities for me to see the potential in these two amazing souls. 

Samuel is covered with burn scars on half his face and body due to an accident 4 years ago that had him in the ICU for a long time.  He used to hide his face and not make eye contact with me on purpose.  But this trip was different... he was smiling and seemed to have more confidence.  I shared his story and how I was uplifted by him the first night during debriefing, then got to know him more.  It was so awesome to see him run up to me each day and greet me.  I learned his name and made a big deal each time I saw him. To see such a change in a boy that has been through so much is really special.  So when I decided to add a child two days ago, my heart reached for Samson first - an older boy - 14 and in class 7 - who did not have a sponsor.  He is a strong, tall young man with a spectacular academic record, drive, and love for Jesus all while having a humble spirit.  I was so surprised he didn't have a sponsor, so I decided it was him.  The older kids never get sponsored, and this only increases their somewhat jaded hearts. They see visitors come and go, and wonder if either this will be the ticket out of there, or will they forget me too?  So it was decided, Samson was my guy....

Until Samuel, the tender heart with the scars was right next to him on the website.  My life is beyond blessed-these children live in a small rented room, with their entire family; and after seeing them today firsthand, I am much more sensitive to what this really means.  So my sweet clan includes Evelyn, Samson, who is about a foot taller than me, Samuel, and my mom's sponsored child Alvin.  I have one additional child to meet with, Boniface, as he is my stepdad's mother's sponsored child.

I had the privilege to share the best gift in the world with each of them - their very own bible!!!  I am so excited to share the one thing that will never fail them!  Alvin went in a told his teacher, "My muzungu gave me a bible! A nice own that is big and hardcover!"  I am his muzungu.  I mean seriously, I melt. 

I also had the honor of reciting the Lord's prayer in Kiswahili to the second grade class - and I pronounced everything correctly!  It was really special for them because they saw it as me taking more value in learning their language more than just a few simple phrases.  I also learned I love you, which is pretty much my favorite phrase.  Nakupenda - I'm seriously in love inside those walls. Praise him!

Evelyn and I - my first sponsored child

Alvin is to my right - he is my mom's sponsored child, although he calls me "his muzungu" (white person)

My newest sponsored children Samuel and Samson!

Sweet Joshua!

Reading about praying.  Best lesson ever!

Beautiful hands.  I love them.

Ginger, my mentor and I!

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  1. yes jennifer i will add to my africa family i love you mommy