Sunday, June 24, 2012


My heart is torn as I sit in my airconditioned home to write y’all to let you know that I am safe. This last monthhas truly been a whirlwind of missions; God has allowed me to experience amyriad of things, and along the way He has taught me so much! I am so trulyoverwhelmed by the privilege He gave me to travel to both Kenya and Haiti this summer.Simple things like sleeping in my own bed with my pillow and brushing my teethin the sink, with electricity, have been a very welcomed comfort. But the otherhalf of me looks around my home with contempt at all that I have as more thanhalf the world lives in such extreme poverty. I know that God has chosen thislife for me, and I am to best leverage every opportunity He has given me forHis kingdom, but my heart still hurts. I am incredibly thankful to have thenext month to process through the lifetime of experiences that I'veencountered. 

Haiti was extraordinary, yetagain.  God chose such a spectaculargroup of people to surround me with, both Haitian friends and other leadersfrom Buckhead Church.  I am humbledcontinually when I examine all that He has planned for me to do.  We were blessed with mild weather the firstthree days in Haiti as we labored then loved on the kids each day.  The last two days were typical of Haiti –hot, hot, hot!  As a team, we laughed,cried, sweat, shared 1 unisex bathroom (with four showers and two bathroomstalls) between 26 people, grew as friends, followers of Christ, anddisciples.  Our hearts are filled to thebrim with love, grace, joy and pain as we process through the lives of ourloved ones in Haiti.  One of the biggestthings we learned is of God’s sovereignty. He reigns.  He reigns with mercy,love, faithfulness and justice.  He is incontrol, even when we cannot understand it. We fervently pray for our brothers and sisters for their provision,protection, and love to grow in Him. 

I am so grateful for all of yourprayers, encouragement and love that you shared with me throughout thisjourney.  I plan to return to my blog ina few days as I decompress, but please read our team blog at  

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