Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Celebrating 4 years in Jesus and asking is this for real? Israel 2012!

I write from a place of sheer awe and praise for our Creator. The Lord so intricately knows each of us, and desires to meet our deepest longings in ways beyond what we could each imagine –I fall on my face as I am humbled by the beautiful news I have to share with y’all!

It’s been such a journey to look back as well as pray for the future as this weekend is my “Spiritual Birthday.” I’m turning 4 in Jesus this weekend. If this is what God can make out of me – a sinner desiring desperately to be restored to His image to a disciple being sanctified daily. I love because He loved first. I submit because He first submitted, and I honored with the privilege to serve from a place of reverence and deep love. No more do I live in captivity to sin, the past, this world, my own criticism or the expectations of society, but I am alive in the freedom that comes from Christ alone!
God once again has amazed me with another opportunity to serve Him on the other side of the world! This adventure is bringing me to the Holy Land! I will be serving in Israel teaching alongside both Christian and Muslim educators, and consulting to bring innovative teaching methods to the educators in Jericho as well as teaching the women about physical fitness in the evenings! This trip also serves to help globalX determine future mission trip possibilities, which as many of yall know, globalX is very near to my heart (who I’ve travelled with to Haiti for the last two years)! Honestly, I couldn’t have dreamed up a better trip!
God has orchestrated it all so well - my sweet momma is excited for me, both of my administrators have given me their blessings to travel during the school year, the timing is literally one of the only weeks during the school year to travel with minimal loss of instructional time, and amazingly enough, the entire trip is paid for! I will take a week of unpaid leave, but that is nothing in comparison to raising almost $16,000 over the last 4 summers to serve abroad. Again, God is SO good.
As I begin to prepare for this journey, I am asking for your prayers, and to let out a shout of praise my friends, because Our God Reigns! I will be gone October 19-28, and we are traveling with Seeds of Hope, an organization that partners with communities in the West Bank to bring peace, partnership and hope! I could not be more excited – here is to Israel 2012!
In Him, For Him and Through Him alone,