Thursday, January 3, 2013

My Top 12 of 2012

My top twelve for 2012:

This year I...

-fell back in love with education, embarked on a new endorsement to teach in the gifted program, and won Medlock Bridge's "Fun Run" fundraiser
-floated in the Dead Sea
-worshipped the Lord from the Sea of Galilee, Mount of Beatitudes, and walked the streets of Jerusalem
-sipped champagne from the balcony of my hotel room in Paris and saw the Mona Lisa up close
-carried cinderblocks and rocks to build a pit latrine and guest house in Haiti
-walked with tears streaming down my face through "homes" in the slums of Dandora and added two more precious children to my sponsorship in Kenya
-memorized the Lord's prayer in Kiswahili and French
-savored turkish coffee in a Muslim holy man's home in Palestine
-prayed with my mother, stepfather, and pastor before she was baptized in the Atlantic Ocean, publicly professing her love for Jesus and His salvation in her
-painted faces, blew bubbles, kissed, cuddled, tickled, and loved on kids all over the world
-stood amazed at the splendor of the Grand Canyon
-traveled ~42,000 miles and embraced every moment

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