Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Yall know me best, and yall know my deepest desire is for my family to know and embrace the perfect Love of Christ.  I battled, begged, and finally gave their salvation back to Him last summer.  I had to let go - Jesus, the author and perfecter of our faith, would draw them in.  I knew my Jesus was big enough.  I've prayed and trusted, and grown deeper in my relationship as I entrusted Him to draw them in.  I've cried and sought Him through the battle for their souls, finally resting in His timing. 

4 years (the exact same weekend!!!) after I accepted Christ, my sweet mamma, who yall have been praying for over the last 4 years, accepted Jesus into her heart!!!!!!!!!!!  I cannot praise Him, His perfect timing, or His word enough!!!!!!  God has been so active in our lives lately, and it's been beautiful to hear my mom bring up God, to recognize His presence, to be seriously excited for me to go to Israel...  She mentioned that God has been present, we just had no one to teach us.  She also mentioned that as she was wishing our little church at home had Starting Point, then realized 14 new life groups are starting right now.  So Cindi is going to bible study tomorrow morning. On her own.  Without my prodding.  She's facing her fears and trusting in the Almighty.  The best part was she said, "I used to want this to be closer to you, but now I want this for me."  My mom WANTS Jesus, desires Him and His word, and wants to understand.  She came to Christ through James 5 on Sunday.  So here is the praise - another soul saved!  I'm so overwhelmed with joy, peace, and His love.  Thank you for praying. Thank you for encouraging me, and reminding me during the times I forgot.  And finally, thank you for celebrating this with me. Please pray that the enemy's lies would be blocked from her ears and heart, that she would be encouraged, and that she continues to seek God in ways that are relevant and meaningful to her. 

Oh, and another praise:  my dad received his biopsies back today - he is cancer-free as well!! 

The Lord is always good, but today, I feel like His favorite.  Thank you God for all that you do.  May your name be exalted!!!!

Wrapped in His Perfect Embrace,


  1. Yayyyy!!! So happy to hear this Jen!!! :)

  2. YAAYYY!!!!!!!!!!!! This is so great!!!!! Praise to God!!

  3. So excited for you and your sweet momma!! Congratulations to you BOTH! God is good and He is faithful always! Love you friend!